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  • 1 month ago
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Conflicting Lights

I am drowning
in bright light.
There is no blackness in sight.

I am drowning in happiness,
and positivity.
It radiates so furiously,
not just within me,
oh how it sears my eyes
and frustrates my sight.
I am gasping at the darkness
how plentiful it is,
plentiful and disguised
by this wretched light.

For all the good
you were meant to do,
you were blinded by the light.

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  • 1 month ago
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Whisper to me

Whisper to me,
with pursed lips,
because glory knows your kiss.

Whisper to me,
in the darkest of nights,
of how you learned of death.

Whisper to me,
under bated breathes,
the burden of your life.

Whisper to me,
like a lover would,
(ah, how you are like my enemy),
because you kiss me like a husband,
and hug me like a friend,
and stare at me like oasis,
and I can not save you at world’s end!

Whisper to me! 
And shout! 
These ears were built to hear!
You whisper your heart 
when it ought scream!
My memories tear!
You care!

Whisper to me,
Dearest Enemy,
you know that what you seek!
But shout to me 
your heart
and then I will hear you speak!

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Rich as dreams and poor as nightmares

A bitter nightingale calls in the dark,
pecking at sweet berries and blowing kisses at a bright-less moon:
"To shine upon me,
I cherish that you love me so dear”
and did the moon
silently respond:
"No, dear,
I cannot hear.”

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The best decision I ever made was to keep living, despite all odds, despite all signs, despite not breathing, despite abandonment, desire the darkest depths of my depression, despite feeling like no one was here for me.

Please make the same choice.

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To Be the Moon

I want to live 
like half of a bright new Moon -
shining outward, whispering and guiding those
who genuflect and swoon.

Invincible and mysteriously,
answering their prayers.
To be a God
in the sky,
divine, yet physically there.

Yet half my heart, 
my face, 
my being,
is shadowed from the truth:

I am dark.
A void.
A vacuumed surface
with just a heart to bare;
I entice onto you 
my nothingness 
and offer you just a stare:
A longing, wondering, awning gaze 
at where you used to be.

God prays to you too, 
you honest fools:
Make no home out of me.

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Forgetful Hearts

I’m forgetting now
what brought me here:
what stead I stole
what lies I told
what unavailing accomplishments I purported and distorted and retorted 
and I’d say I’m sorry, but I do not apologize
when it was you who lived on lies
and it was I who supervised 
and lied supine 
and all for you to criticize.

Walk on me. 
Step on me. 
Trot upon me with prancing feet.
Be the death of me, 
often and unintentionally.

Be copiously drunk 
with dissatisfaction for me.

Be sober.
Be sober and remember the violent happiness
Recall the desolation that your creations wrought 
Remember that as still I stayed, I venomously fought.
Be silent, as you riddle me with the begging of reprieve.
Calling me. Calling me.
Desire me.

lost to me. 
ashes in the wind. 
Let your name 
wash upon 
my shores.

I steal my horses outright now.
I live within the flicker.
I remember what sins brought me here
and stay far from those liquors.

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Today has been 
the kind of day
that I would gladly
waste away.

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  • 2 months ago



My girlfriend asked me to strip for her
and so I first took off my pride.
I saw her grinning eyes
as she stole glances at what was mine.

Next came my soft uncaring. 
She loved how I shrugged it off.
now I can care,
as well as despair,
about the thin skin upon my arms.

No scars I bared, just only fear
and that had to be taken off.
Back then, I loved
those things I feared -
the touching of my rear
the whispers of grey faces.
And now I fear
so much more than I care 
to list on therapist papers. 

My girlfriend asked me to strip for her
and took all I wore too dear.
When she saw my naked skin
she left with all I geared. 

Yet still i love
this feeling of
comfort with my skin.
In stripping myself,
I found more of  
what to wear

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Cast me off like offal
throw me to the fields
when I decide to stay unwritten 
you’ll wonder how I feel.

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